Glass break opinion


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I happened to notice this model is now at AO:

I think from an aesthetics perspective this is workable, and can go at outlet height. The others I found hard to place without looking bad. These at least can be put near an outlet and protect the room.

Anyone have any opinions or experience on this? Drawback could be if you move furniture in front of them, but as long as it does not block it and muffle it wouldn't it still work?
I ordered one to see what it looks like and if it is something I think I can use. I'll post my experiences with it.
As an update, I got one and it looks clean. It seems the idea I had was not one of the normal ones. My thought was to use it at outlet level, ideally opposite of windows. Most of the examples show ceiling or corner mount though.

People are trained to not pay attention to outlets so I thought this was ideal. It seems that it would work fine, I may need to get a tester though (although I don't see why it would not work the way I want it to) or contact the manufacturer.

If this works, it will work out great.