global cache questions


i currently have homeseer 2 running on a server in my basement and it works well with a variety of insteon (and some x-10) devices.

however i would like to be able to control my devices from my pronto universal remote (IR) upstairs in my living room. so i was thinking about globalcache.

here is my assumption about how it would work - please tell me if I am correct

I am thinking that i Install the globalcache plugin on my homeseer server in my basement. then i put the globalcache upstairs in my living room and plug it into my ethernet network, and connect an IR sensor. then after i set it up, i assume that i could use my ir remote to send an ir signal to the globalcache which would then send a signal to the homeseer server via IP and trigger an event to do something with my insteon devices.

and furthermore - i am assuming that if i plug an emitter into one of the ports on the globalcache and stick it onto my AV receiver, then i could set it up so that two buttons on a insteon keypadlinc could control the volume on my AV receiver (one for vol+ and one for vol-).

does that all sound about right or am i misunderstanding how globalcache works?

also i have see that i have to by a $100 add on device to allow me to learn IR codes for the globalcache, but i am wondering if i could just grab ir codes from my prontoedit software and paste them into the globalcache software. is that feasible - of does the globalcache not work with ccf IR codes?
I use a Global Cache GC-100 12 to send IR codes to AV equipment, I have all the codes I use on the computer and use Premise Home Control 2.1 (free now by the way) to handle the actual sending of codes. I also have th IRL for learning codes I couldn't find at Remote Central in the form of CCFs. I use Tonto to pull the actual IR codes out of a CCF file. I just got the GC-100 and IRL a couple of weeks ago and think it is great, I don't know if it can be used as an I.R. reciever.