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Here is what I am trying to do and need suggestions.

My home theater equip is all located in one place. I have about 8 devices to control using IR. I wanted to find out if this is possible with the GC-100-06. Also, want everything to be connected to the PC via network....

So open to suggetions. Need a long term solution which can be used and more modules etc added as I move stuff around the house.

Keep in mind that the CG-100 will (1) Digitize IR and send it to your PC or controller; and (2) allow the PC or controller to send digitized IR to a specified output zone. There is no "passthrough" that allows this thing to work like a simple connecting block. Basically, you'll need PC software or a controller that supports it, or plan on writing your own software. The nice thing about it is the fact that it connects to an ethernet network and can be fully controlled that way.

Your PC or controller can of course connect to any GC-100 and specify any port, so you have an unlimited number of possible IR zones on your network.

If you were hoping to have a standalone solution that stores IR, has built-in if/then logic, and does not require a PC (except for programming of course), then you should look into an Ocelot.