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Google is launching their new e-mail service which will allow you to GOOGLE through every e-mail you send and receive. Meaning if you delete an e-mail it doesnt actually get deleted. Google will be adding advertisment to your messages based on the content of the message.

The good side is that your mailbox will be almost 100 times larger than Yahoo or Hotmail. The downside is all your private information that you want to delete is not actually deleted.

I dont like the idea and will probably not use it unless the offer an awsome protection against spam e-mails.

What do you guys think about it?
I signed up for the notifications last week, but I don't like the idea of my email being indexed. I was going to use it as a spam catcher account anyways. I believe another site named SpyMac just offered the same type of account, same space, free, no privacy issues, so they beat google for sure.
Google is becoming a second generation Yahoo. As long as they don't start putting up ads, I'll be happy.
Actually, I think Yahoo is becoming more Google-like. Or maybe there just stealing eachother's best ideas.