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Found this at

"Google Releases Maps API for External Use - 29/Jun/2005

I'm very happy to let you know that our friends who have created Google Maps have released an API so that you can post interactive, draggable, zoomable, maps (with satellite imagery) on your personal websites.

For more information, check out the Google Maps API page and be sure to join the Google-Maps-API Google Group. A huge congratulations to the maps team for doing this."

Contains links and detailed instrustions.

Edit: Also check out Lets you upload your own video (any length) as well as search video from TV programs.

Dang, the guys at google are busy!!
I searched for an hour on and never saw a single thing that wasn't news or senate TV. When I finally did find something interesting it didn't have a play link. Hopefully it will mature into something worth their time.
From Slashdot...

'DVD Jon' Breaks Google Video Lock

Posted by CmdrTaco on Wednesday June 29, @09:09AM
from the this-guy-cracks-me-up dept.

WillemdeMoor writes "Yahoo News runs a story on Jon Johansen, aka DVD Jon, cracking Google's in-browser video player. has some more details, including links to Johansen's patch (Win32 executable) and Jon's blog entry at"
All the guy did was to allow you to use the open source (no cracking involved) based video plugin to play videos from other locations. There really is no use for this, and all he did was comment out the line which checks where the video being downloaded from. Looks like Yahoo is trying everything to compete with Google, including posting stories which might make Google look bad.
That looks good but how is it done? The page describes it in very little detail. How does one upload gps signals via the cell phone especially if your cell phone doesn't expose the GPS signal?
The cell phone is used as an internet link. Then the CarPC software simply transmits the song playing, GPS stats to a server, which links it with Google. Not really that special, but still looks great. Once I have a cellphone which provides reliable internet access, I will be doing the same as well. Now the house can get ready for my arrival when it sees I am getting close as well :) I currently have Nextel, and they don't know themselves how the internet access plan works or what it offers, so I gave up on them.
Rupp, yes, the cellphone is used as a modem (or you could get one of those EV-DO PCMCIA cards if you have it in your area), or worst case, hop from public access point to access point, and upload the data whenever you have a connection (but this would probably not work well).

Chakara, that tracker isn't mine, it was just an example of how people are doing it already :)