Google maps routing weirdness...


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I usually ask my phone to route me back and forth to work as it routes me around traffic backups. But occasionally it does something strange and routes me to somewhere else. Not usually a problem since I know the routes and know when it gets off track. Wondering what is going on and if others have similar issues.

For example a couple weeks ago I said "drive to home" and it gave me a route. Partway home I noticed it was showing to turn around. For some reason it was routing me to a spot about halfway back to work. It was close to a home depot so thought maybe it mistook home for home depot but I don't think that was it.

Yesterday I was driving home and noticed a blue line coming into the route from the side. While stopped at a light I zoomed out and the route was taking me around the block, maybe back to work - I didn't have time to really look closely. I just continued to home and when I got there the map had reverted to the proper route to home and told me I had arrived.

Very strange... But this morning it warned me of a serious accident on the freeway and I was able to avoid a big backup so I will continue to use.
Is this in your vehicle, or phone? In many cases, traffic aware routing can cause this to happen, especially in combination with GPS signal issues.
That's on an android phone. It was routing me completely around the block. Can't see how that can be blamed on traffic issues.