Google showing off script editor and other new home automation features

Just my personal opinion, but you couldn't pay me to trust Google with my automation system functionality.

We all know they like to add and then cancel software at a drop of a hat. Imagine spending a lot of time, energy and money into the Google ecosystem only to have it dropped in a couple of years. Now I realize that risk is there with any company, but I feel like with Google's track record, the risk is much higher.

I also don't want to give Google that much more data on me in general. It's terrible that amount of stuff they already know about me, I certainly don't want to hook up an entire house full of "smart" devices to the Google servers too.
I totally agree, and have the same mindset myself. Some people just have different priorities, or have their own reasons, such as an older family member living by themselves.

Either way, just trying to keep everyone updated on interesting news :)