Google to introduce new TV search feature


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SAN FRANCISCO - Google Inc. is using its popular Internet search technology to find information and images broadcast on television, continuing a recent effort to extend its reach beyond the Web.

The Mountain View-based company planned to introduce the new video search service Tuesday in an index that will be operated separately from the market-leading search engine offered on its home page. The feature pinpoints content previously aired on a variety of television networks by scanning through the closed caption text that many programmers offer.

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btw, you can access this service by going to , very impressive for sure. Looks like they are using the close-captioned data to provide the actual keyword matches (but this data is known not to be accurate).
I think that's by design, and not a bad idea. Sometimes people want to know when a certain commercial ran (because they are in it, or know someone, etc.). If a commercial mentioned Z-wave, wouldn't you want to know about it? ;)