Got my ABN adapter today, having issues


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I also have the On-Q Basic Telecom Module

I have the ABN plugged into the network and the phone jack going to the Security plug on the OnQ. I then set the dip switch #1 to off. I check the phone line and it's dead. I used a network cable to connect from the ABN to the OnQ module.
I put the switch back to on and phone works.

What am I doing wrong? I also have the ELK-RJSET conected as well.

Is the On-Q basically a phone switch? If so, don't connect the ABN adapter or alarm system to it. Connect the alarm system directly to the phone 1 jack on the adapter, using a standard RJ11 phone cord (not a network cable). When the alarm system is connected to an ABN adapter, it needs to be isolated from the location's phone wiring. It can't be connected to the phone line and the ABN adapter at the same time.

If you have any more trouble, please feel free to open a service ticket and put my name (Dan) on it.
I sent in a ticket but haven't heard back yet.

If I do it this way, will I still be able to use Elk by phone control?

Sorry, I haven't been around Cocoontech for a few days. You are able to call your Elk over the phone, even when it's connected via ABN. We provide a phone number (actually two numbers, one on each coast) that you can call, enter your account number and a PIN, and be patched through to your system. If your system needs a double call to answer, we do that for you as well.