Got Wireless Expander. What is next?


Greetings, I am confused again.
I got NX-448E and added it to the M1 using the software. Configured new transmitter usng Tx ID and uloaded changes back to the M1.
The zone 17 does not seem to be working at all. What are the steps? Do i need to enroll the transmitter by pulling out battery or RP software does it for me?

Anyway, I am missing a step. Please help what i am missing.

[UPDATED] I tried my second transmitter and it worked right away. i think the transmitter in question has a defect. i will send it back.
There have been some cases of the label being wrong. Double check the code you entered and if that still doesn't work, there is a way to enroll the transmitter without typing in the code. Don't remember what that is but a search here should turn them up,.
I have heard of the ID number on the transmitter not being what the transmitter is sending.