Gravity engine!

No, you not alone, I was just slow finding your post.

My opinion, Call the guys in the white coats to safely contain him, or, let the guys in the blacks suits from Area 51 contain him!

Too many head drops from a poorly packed chute! BUT....You gotta love the fact that he believes it. People once thought Einstein and Newton were crazy too :)
sad part is, if it's really true, we will never know, the black helicopters will get to him first ;)
Former paratrooper... He probably hit his head to many times.

I've speant most of my life about 20 miles from where that guy lives. I can't imagine that becoming the new center of aerospace... ;)

So North Carolina will have Kittyhawk and Dunnlevel....
Although I have been unable to locate further information or a web site for Tommy Mc Lean, I have nominated him for an Ig Nobel prize. The material provided in the "Daily Record" (Dunn, NC 2/8/04) is so compelling that an Ig Nobel nomination can be made on that basis alone. Please join me on September 30th when Tommy will levitate Sanders Theater.
is the Daily Record some sort of tabloid? I am wondering why any paper would pick this story up unless there is some solid evidence.
Dunn, NC is a rather small, rural town. The daily record is the kind of newspaper that still has a gossip column, so this guys story is probably big news!
"It can resist bullets and projectiles.â€

How bout interstellar radiation.

He's going for the X prize of $10million, when the two things he mentioned above would get him more money than he could ever dream.