Great article about OTA HDTV!


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HD Beat posted a great article about Over-The-Air HDTV signals, including how to get started. I know many people aren't familiar with OTA HDTV yet, so this is worth a read, especially since OTA HDTV signals are free, and usually are much better quality than the compressed HDTV feed your cable company provides you. It also links to some very useful sites such as

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I can attest to the OTA (Over the air using a good old fashion UHF antenna) HDTV signals. Since getting my new Panasonic Plasma for Christmas I haven't watched 20 minutes of cable TV. I'm lucky in that I live within ~15 miles of downtown Huntsville and all of the TV towers are on a mountain. I bought a $30 antenna, laid it in the attic and I get 6 high definition TV feeds plug all the other feeds that come "along side" a high def channel. The quality is nothing but jaw dropping.