Great Board!


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Hello from Chattanooga, TN

Thanks for the great board. Just found it tonight, and have already printed everything in the "How To" section for serious reading later.

Have had X10 stuff for seems like 20+ years (Back to BSR I think), enjoy ham radio and flying (had to sell my plane a few years ago -(tears), motorcycles, computers, home improvement, and home automation.

Have Ocelot, WiFi, X10 stuff all over. Just downloaded Homseer this week and trying to switch stuff over. Have a lot to learn with it.

Have 4 X10 Cams remotely mounted around my yard on the Ninja pan mounts, each on a different channel. Have the four receivers feeding a 4 channel sequencher driving a UHF TV Channel 14 Transmitter. Use 13" color TV's throughout the the house tuned to UHF Channel 14 as monitors. Each camera view is set to about 10 Secs .

From what I've seen so far on your new board, It will be a great resource to learn from.

Thank You for putting it up, and for letting me register on it.


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Hey John, welcome aboard! We seem to share many passions, aviation, home improvement, automation, it's time to combine these :lol: Don't hesitate to post any questions or suggestions you might have!
Thanks Electron,

Don't worry, I won't be shy. Just getting the Homeseer Software, I'm going to have 1,000 's questions, trying to understand the scripts and stuff.

Glad to see your "Script Request" section.

Just tring to figure out the plugins, scripts, TTS. No problems setting up the X10, just feel I'll be calling on all of you to get to the real cool stuff working! I like the WOW factor, helps with the WAF

Hi John,

Welcome! You pick the right board. Dan and a few other regulars on here are the real experts at this stuff. If Dan can't write a script for it, it can't be written.

Curious, what software are you switching over from?