Great MAKE interview with the 'RFID implanter'


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MAKE magazine posted a really nice interview with the individual who decided to implant a RFID chip into his hand. This interview contains some great data, including a parts list if you are interested in doing this yourself, and some other interesting details.

It looks like other people are following in his footsteps, and already ordered the parts so they can have a chip implanted as well.

Read the interview (
Who needs a kit? $.99 razor blade and a hot stove should do the trick :lol:

I'd do it in a minute if iAutomated would pay for it. What do you say Peter sounds like lot of free advertisment to me!
Well, I asked my girl, and she said, "that would not be a + for the WAF."

LOL... I knew I should have never told her what that means

I tried to tell her that it was for the good of mankind...
she didn't buy it ;)
tell her it would allow her to track where you are, and if you are cheating on her in the house (fast RFID movements hehe) ;) You have to think of it from a different point of view, YOU are the PET here, and pets get these RFID chips all the time :eek:
Well now that Martin mentioned swallowing it, Afterwards you might be able to use it to detect any plumbing problems.