Great pics of a wiring closet

Very nice. Though I still like the idea of surface mounting stuff on plywood as opposed to in the wall via the structured wiring units. Just seems a lot more flexible. But maybe this is because my background is more in commercial vs. residential installs?
Whoever wired that...... I have a house you can play with next .... MINE! :lol:


But which way does your toilet paper hang????????
I know I know ... :lol: But it does inspire me to start working on my wiring again, I just need to create more room, or buy another 50" panel.
The 2 Elk cans seem to be connected using conduit connected to the bottom of the cans (follow the yellow wire), I assume something similar is done with the other cabinets, but it's hard to tell.
It is also not clear on what is behind that wall. Could it perhaps be accessible, either directly or by removing panels of some sort (considering how clean the install is)?