GSM unit that emulates PSTN ?



I've been hunting around for a unit that I can plug my ELK Telephone connection into and the GSM unit emulates a PSTN...meaning that the ELK will dial over GSM instead of PSTN. The next big question is, I'd like to get something whereby I can call the number and have the ELK answer and I can then drive the automation events, via this unit and not the PSTN

Is there such a beast ?

Telular gives you the ability to dial out using GSM instead of the PSTN. Dialing back in, probably not because that would require a voice GSM channel.
You would need a GSM gateway like this:
GSM Gateway
or this:
GSM Gateway 2

Haven't used one of these GSM to analog gateways but I have a GSM to SIP gateway connected to my Asterisk PBX and the concept works perfectly.

I was about to start a thread about this little gadet myself!

Quoted, not much point in clicking...

" said:
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Looks to me as though this could be adopted although it ONLY works with Motorola phones. Still adding a phone to my plan is only $9/mo and the device is $100 and has no recurring service fees. Seems reasonable enough to me.
HI Guys

I've been doing a bit of digging and have a few options.

1) Use a dedicated GSM terminal, something like the Ericsson Unit

The interesting part here is that I can also dial the GSM unit, have the ELK answer and then run the automation tasks. This is a KEY selling point for me !

2) If the GSM unit can't make contact with the Base, what then ? I was thinking of using soemthing like this unit, whereby the unit dials on PSTN and fails over to GSM if the phone line is cut...

Now the guy selling this "suspected" I could dial in via GSM unit and have the ELK answer however he wasn't too sure.

3) I've posted for a help in the ELK Product forum to see if I can setup a "Poor mans" failover. I connect the ELK to the Ericsson GSM terminal via a double pole relay. If the unit dials out on Dialer 1 and fails, I want the ELK to toggle an output which would pull in a relay and switch me to the PSTN...My primary aim is to stay on the GSM if possible and if it looses signal, we failover to the PSTN. Why you may ask ? I am looking to dial into the house and activate events/tasks in my ELK while away and dont want to interfere with the Asterisk PBX that loves to "jump into the conversation" when I press the * key !

I'm interested in combining options 1 & 3, interested to see if the ELK can do this...