[Guide] An introduction to the INSTEON world


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Smarthome, the world’s leading integrated provider of electronic home improvement products, has introduced a new wireless home-control network technology called Insteon™ (pron. “instee-on”), offering a radio frequency (RF) network with integrated powerline communications for the first time. Insteon is designed to become the de facto standard in affordably delivering a secure, reliable and fast connection between automated home devices for lighting, security, entertainment systems, appliances, climate and more in the home.

How will Smarthome’s new Insteon technology be used?

Insteon will allow users to automatically and/or remotely control a myriad of functions in their homes, from lighting scenes to temperature control to wireless security cameras, as well as “mission-critical” functions such as remotely filling the swimming pool and locking doors. Insteon may also be incorporated into washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) devices, garage door openers, audio and visual devices, and more.

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