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CocoonTech.com's Holiday Gift Guide

This Gift Guide is written for the spouse/family member of the hard-to-buy-for Cocooner. This guide will prove that they aren't so hard to buy for after all, and will make your gift one of the most popular gifts.

10. Swiss Memory USB
If your Cocooner works in Information Technology, then this is a must have! Combine the well known Swiss Army knife with a USB keychain drive, and you get this amazing tool! Keep in mind that the size of the smile on your Cocooner's face is in direct relation to the size of the storage capacity B)

Suggested retail value: $64.99 to $169.99, depending on memory size
Where to buy: http://www.thinkgeek.com/interests/foryourhome/6b3b/

9. Tickets to CES 2005 (Jan 26-29 2005) and/or EH EXPO 2005
Electronic House Expo is one of the largest expo's, located in Orlando Florida, dedicated to anything related to home electronics and gadgets. If you would like to see your Cocooner drool, then a package deal including air fare, hotel and tickets to this event are the best choice. If you want to make this deal even spicier, or would prefer to go to Las Vegas, then CES would be the way to go, as it is one of the largest Expo's in the world, dedicated to anything electronic, including but not limited to games, mobile gadgets, home theaters, home automation, new technologies and much more.
Suggested retail value: EHexpo: free if registered before 01/28/2005 ($75 value), CES: free if registered before 12/30/2004 ($75 value)
Where to buy: EHexpo.com (or phone), CESweb.org

8. Roomba Discovery
Who knew cleaning the house could be this much fun! The new Roomba Discovery robotic vacuum is one of the new Roomba models, it can 'return to base' to recharge it self in only 3 hours. There is also the added bonus of this unit entertaining your pets.

Suggested retail value: $249.99
Where to buy: Amazon.com, Discovery store, Sharper Image

7. Logitech Harmony Remote 688
The Logitech Harmony remote is THE remote to have if your Cocooner (or you!) is tired of having to push so many buttons just to turn on all the equipment to watch some TV. No complicated programming is needed, everything can be set up through a web based interface, which provides a point and click interface to your home theater setup. Check CocoonTech.com's review of one of the Harmony remotes to see how nice this remote is.

Suggested retail value: $249.95
Where to buy: asiHome.com, Logitech.com, Best Buy, Amazon.com

6. $100 Gift Certificate to AutomatedOutlet.com
Your Cocooner likes toys, a lot of them. If your Cocooner is into home automation, then this gift will put a big smile on his/her face! A perfect gift if you aren't sure what to get your Cocooner!
Suggested retail value: $100
Where to buy: AutomatedOutlet.com

5. Homeseer Z-wave Starter Kit
Is your Cocooner interested in getting involved with home automation? You can't go wrong by giving this starter kit as a gift! This product is so flexible that your Cocooner will never get bored again!

Suggested retail value: $336.95
Where to buy: Homeseer.com

4. Elk M1 Security System
This is one of the newer hardwired alarm systems on the market. They offer an incredible amount of features, and can be expanded with several modules. This system is at the top of the list of most Cocooners who are looking at implementing a hard wired security system in the near future.

Suggested retail value: starting at $396
Where to buy: AutomatedOutlet.com, asiHome.com

3. Alienware DHS 5 series Windows Media Center
No Home Theater should go without one of these nice machines. This HTPC is equipped with the latest and greatest technology, and Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition 2005 and looks fantastic! This machine will let you listen to online radio stations and FM radio, let you pause and rewind live television, offers PVR functionality and many other cool things. If you know your Cocooner has dropped the suggestion of a Microsoft Windows Media Center machine, or a HTPC in general, then this would be the machine to get.

Suggested retail value: starting at $1,605
Where to buy: http://www.alienware.com/product_detail_pa...ode=SKU-DEFAULT

2. RL1000 Friendly Robotics RoboMower
Does your Cocooner dread mowing the lawn during the hot summer days? Do you want your Cocooner to be the envy of the neighborhood? Then you really should take a look at this toy, it mowes up to 16,000 square feet, and can return to the charging station automatically. Just tell it when (day and time) to mow, and it will take care of your lawn the entire season.

Suggested retail value: $1799.95
Where to buy: http://www.robomower.us/modelrl1000.htm

1. Sony XBR 61" Plasma WEGA HDTV
What looks better than a big smile on your Cocooner's face? A big smile on the new Sony 61" SBR Plasma WEGA HDTV. This state of the art HDTV is something every Cocooner secretly dreams of. Caution: If you need to apply for a second mortgage in order to afford this TV, you might want to consider one of the other items on this list!

Suggested retail value: $19,999.99
Where to buy: Sony.com
Make Automated Outlet your first stop for all things HA. After that, the following site has some FANTASTIC gift Idea's as well as unbeleiveable prices