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I see PowerHome and others HA apps, including xAP, have some form of floorplan support. I also see users here posting pics of the MainLobby screens. Does anyone use Floorplans on their HA systems and if so, can you upload some pics?

In my vision of the future of HA, that GUI is the central part of the HA system control. For that to be the case, not only do you have to have floorplan support, but it should be usuable from touch screens, client computers that are not processing HA events and maybe even the web.

I really don't have the time to play with free trials or anything, I just want to see want some of you hard core HA people have already done.

Don't know about the "hard core" part, but mine are HERE.

I used a scanned image from my house brouchure (when it was for sale), then modified that with Photoshop Elements.

I use MainLobby via the mlhsplugin to show/control devices in HomeSeer (ver 1.7). Once you get to know MainLobby you can actually quickly create and change these "scenes", which was what I wanted as I don't like to spend a lot of time programming (hehe, to many How-To's to write! ;) ).

The floor plan is handy for when you want to arm the system and don't know what window/door might be opened. (All the windows/doors/motion sensors/glass breaks are tied into that "OK to Arm" icon at the lower left. The OK to Arm gives you a quick global OK, but if it is red you can then look to see what zone is the culprit).
CQC allows you to use any images so you can easily do this kind of thing. You can just put an image in and layer various images over it as desired.
I have a similar setup to BSR's (MainLobby, HomeSeer 2.0, MLHSPlugin, etc.). I used Punch! Home Design to build my floor plans and then imported them into MainLobby. You can then place images on the floor plan to show status and control devices. Everything is then controlled by touch screens.

You can see more of my setup here:

Here's some that a fellow CQC'er is using. He's got his whole setup & a description of the pictures here: http://charmedquark.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6558




I have actually read that thread a couple times, again even yesterday (I am forgetful). I use Punch too, so I am super curious how those screens in particular look and they are not in your posted thread. Do you think you can take a couple snapshots?

If you do I promiss I will quit being so lazy and be more active over there! /blush

(Damn, I lied. Although Punch is the only software I have got my split level house set up correctly in, it does not screenshot as well as others in my opinion. My screenshots were done in Better Homes & Gardens v6.0 which is a subset of Chief Architect 9 series)