HA Software / UPB and DSC 832 Alarm System


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I am getting ready to start on a HA product in my new house. Reading all the posts this is my setup.

UPB - for lighting control
Homesear Software
ZWave Sensors - to trigger Homesear events (until UPB sensors are available)
DSC 832 Alarm System (came with the house but interfaces with Homesear).

1) Does anyone know whether the DSC 832 is a 2 way communication, meaning can I use the opening of a window as and event to trigger certain actions? or is the DSC 832 integration only one way controlling of the alarm system functions?

2) What sensor is recommended to be used with upb?

Anything else I should consider before ordering parts?
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I am not a DSC expert but it looks like a basic alarm system. You can read thru the manual here. It is listed under the pc5010-832.

Not sure what you mean by Zwave or UPB sensors? Normally you just use your regular wired or wireless sensors to trigger events that can act on Zwave or UPB. Usually your alarm panel would communicate with Homeseer or systems via serial or ethernet. I don't see a serial port on the 832 so it may not be able to be used with Homeseer.

Another option is to always just replace the panel with another like the Elk or similar. You could most likely use all your existing contacts, sensors, etc. Then the Elk could interface with Homeseer or whatever you want.

If you gave us more detail on exactly what you want to do we can give you a better idea.
Thanks for the answer.... ok here is what I would like to do.

Eventually automate every light switch in the house, so its important that the system is reliable and not that half ways down the road I find out that it is not. I figured UPB is the most reliable choice.

I want to achieve several things:

1) Automate lighting: For selected rooms (bathrooms, closets) automate lighting with a sensor. My question here is what is the most reliable way to get this done, preferably wired. UPB doesnt have a sensor yet. Any ideas how to get it done anyway, which sensors (wired/wireless) are recomended?

2) Garage Door Monitoring - to run a macro when it is opened, detect when it is not closed and trigger events. Seems like this is possible with selected upb modules.

3) Use events of the alarm system to trigger certain actions. For example when window is open (f.e. zone 3), turn off ac in this area. If window opens at night turn on camera... stuff like that. I don't need HA controll functionality in my alarm panel (since I have a server running at all times which I can use for HA). However the 2 way functionality that an alarm zone can trigger events is important to me and has great potential (for example entry door opens which turns on lights etc)

4) When the mailman drops off the mail, that the lights on top of the mailbox turn on. When the mail gets emptied, the lights turn off again. Meaning light is on = mail.

5) Blinds control and Integration of weather data/outdoor temperature and sunshine sensor. The goal here is that when the set temperature inside is lower then the desired temperature and when the sun is shining that the blinds are raised. If the indoor temperature is higher then the desired temperature and the sun is shining, blinds are lowered. If its cloudy blinds are always raised... Question here is what is the best way to integrate blinds control. Currently 2 rooms have hunter douglas IR remote controlled blinds. How would you integrate this into a upb system - or software controlled system.

6) Use incoming telephone calls to trigger events (seems easily possible with upb) f.e. turn on the lights by the phone.
Ok, it looks like DSC does have a serial module for that panel. You would have to add that board and I believe there is a plugin for Homeseer. Search Homeseer, or maybe Rupp or someone can give you more info. You can find links to the DSC serial board there.

The bottom line is with the right board and plugin for Homeseer, you can do all of these things. I think I saw a limitation of 32 zones tho, so you may run into that if you add alot of HA type zones like garage door, etc.

So you would need your 832, the serial board, Homeseer with right plugin and all your sensors. Then you would need your UPB gear. You would then have Homeseer sense your events such as sensors opening, motion detected, etc and send the appropriate actions to your lighting devices.

I do not use Homesser so I am not the best to help you set that up. Hope this helps...
wow thanks for the great information, as well as the link to automatedoutlet.com. thats one of the best organized automation sites (for hardware) I have seen so far.

Any suggestions/recommendations on which sensors to use (wired/wireless)? Long battery life is important to me for the wireless. For the wired ideal would be a sensor that would go into a j-box (similar to the levitron). But don't think anyone came up with that one yet.