HACKmyth: MythTV & Z-Wave


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October 3, 2005 (Phoenixville, PA) – BuLogics, Inc., an innovative provider of home automation technology, today announced the release of HACKmyth (Home Automation Control Kit for MythTV). The HACKmyth box allows technology-savvy consumers to configure their personal video recorder (PVR) and home automation to their personal preferences.

The HACKmyth box comes with a MythTV installation and home automation control. MythTV is an open source, free software application that can be customized by the consumer. Through its MythTV interface, HACKmyth can be used to control “live†television, watch and record different television shows simultaneously, schedule digital recordings, and set recording priorities via a remote control and television set. Upcoming MythTV features that will be supported include juke box, DVD player, weather and RSS feeds, and web browser.

HACKmyth’s home automation interface can be used to control household lighting via the same remote control and television set, enabled through Z-Wave technology. Z-Wave’s standard wireless, two-way mesh network system allows for an extended range through multiple Z-Wave systems within the home, for lower cost and add-as-you-go simplicity. Upcoming home automation features will include the ability to set HVAC, schedule timers and control other electrical appliances. Z-Wave Alliance members include leaders in the home controls industry, such as Honeywell, Leviton, Motorola, and Sylvania.

“HACKmyth brings BuLogics one step closer in bringing home automation to the average homeowner through the interface they know best – their television,†said Michael Balog, BuLogics’ CTO. “HACKmyth also addresses the needs of that set of users that wants to personalize their ‘home command center’ interface.â€

HACKmyth is immediately available for purchase as HACKmyth Standard, with 80 GB of hard drive to record television programs and movies, and HACKmyth Extreme with an extra-large 300 GB hard drive, a CD/DVD burner, and an extra Z-Wave lamp module. For information about HACKmyth, please visit www.HACKmyth.com.

About BuLogics
BuLogics, Inc. leads the home automation industry in delivering innovative, affordable home control products that make life easier for the average consumer. Headquartered in Phoenixville, PA, BuLogics products such as HACKmyth, HACKmyth Extreme and its upcoming BaseCamp are currently sold via the Web and phone. BuLogics is a member of the Z-Wave Alliance, with partner companies that include Levitron and Intermatic's lighting systems, Techniku's window shades, and Wane Dalton garage doors.

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