HAI Adds to Philips Pronto Integration with a New ProntoScript Integration Module for the Philips TS


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HAI Adds to Philips Pronto Integration with a New ProntoScript Integration Module for the Philips TSU9800 Pronto Remote and Now Offers All Pronto Link Versions in Chinese, Russian, and Hebrew


Home Automation, Inc. (HAI), leading manufacturer of integrated security and home automation products since 1985, announced today that Pronto Link, a ProntoScript integration module for the Philips TSU9800 Pronto remote is now available as a free download. The new Pronto Link allows integration with Ethernet-enabled HAI Omni and Lumina family controllers and the previously announced Philips TSU9600 and TSU9400 plus the new TSU9800. Furthermore, all versions of HAI's Pronto Link software are now available in Chinese, Russian, and Hebrew in addition to the English and English demo version.

The Pronto TSU9800 merges functionality and design, featuring a stunning 6.4-inch VGA color screen and a premium docking station that offers ambient lighting, and the option to completely hide all cables. The high resolution display is the largest in Philips Pronto line, providing exceptional readability and a control panel designed for maximum comfort, efficiency and ease of use.

Pronto Link allows a homeowner to use a single remote to control his home theater; adjust lights, temperatures, and security settings; and control multi-room audio systems, such as the Hi-Fi by HAI system. Screens are preprogrammed in Pronto Link so an installer can easily merge the HAI functionality into a standard Pronto project. ProntoLink uses secure, encrypted Wi-Fi to exchange commands with the HAI controller.

Pronto Link is a free download from the ProntoScript for Philips Certified Installers portion of the Philips Pronto website, www.pronto.philips.com/prontoscript or at HAI's Knowledge Base support site. You will have to login to download the file. Note that downloading and editing the Pronto Link 2.0 requires ProntoEdit Professional 2.0.34. A demo version of Pronto Link is available to simulate interaction with an HAI controller for sales purposes.

HAI products are available through a worldwide network of Distributors and installing dealers in over 35 countries. For more information, please visit www.homeauto.com or call 800-229-7256.

To download a high res photo of the TSU9800 controlling HAI, please click here: http://www.homeauto.com/mediacenter/HaiPRI...age=TSU9800.jpg

About HAI (www.homeauto.com): HAI (Home Automation, Inc.) is a privately held manufacturer of integrated automation and security products for residential and commercial use based in New Orleans, LA. Incorporated in 1985, HAI has developed a full line of award-winning automation products, including home control systems, programmable communicating thermostats, smart light switches, Whole Home Audio systems, video surveillance equipment, Touchscreen interfaces, and software that allows access and control of an automation system over the Internet. All products are sold through HAI's worldwide network of Distribution Partners and installed by trained dealers in over 80 countries.