HAI Controller and Double Tap of Switch Overriden


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Short version: When I double tap my light switches, they all snap to 100%, as set in UPStart, but then they fade down to the last used level over about 3 seconds. I can't figure out how to prevent it from fading down after doing the right thing (going to 100%). I suspect the Omni controller is doing this.
Background: I bought a house with an Omni IIe and a bunch of UPB switches (Leviton 35A00-1 600W Dimming Switch). I've been able to access the Omni IIe controller via PCAccess and make some small changes. I also made some small changes in UPStart to the HAI UPB Powerline Interface Module.
Double tap used to go to 100% just fine, and now (after I had my fun in PCAccess and UPStart) it dims to the last used dim level.
I'm not in a good WAF place right now over this.
It seems like it's the Omni controller doing this reversion to the previous dim level. Or at least, when I disconnect the Omni IIe from the HAI UPB PIM, then double tap works as expected (does not dim back down).
I thought "great, now I just need to go into PCAccess and see why/where the Omni is overriding the double tap behavior". But I just can't find anything anywhere that would seem to explain it.
The dimming after 100% snap seems to take about 3 seconds, or nearly the 3.3 seconds set in UPStart under Options -> Dimming -> Enabled / Fade Rate 3.3 seconds. So that seems more than coincidental.
Thanks in advance for any insights. I'm at a loss presently.
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I suspect the Omni controller is doing this.
Not totally sure about this.
Look for some linked events in Upstart.
Today all of my UPB switches are set to double tap 100% and single tap to an assigned dim level.