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I need help, I have wired my hole house with HAI UPB scene selectors, dimmer switches, and a phase coupler. Everything works great on its own but I can not get my PIM to connect to my pc's. I have one pc with a serial port and the other I am using a USB to Serial adapter, neither works. Is there some setting I am missing, baud rates or handshakes or something. I am using an HAI PIM and the PC cable and serial adapter that came with my Omni Pro II. I have not connected my Omni yet, all I want to do is program my scenes for the lighting and I will install the Omni down the road, lots of fishing to be done. The one thing I noticed is that the serial adapter that came with the Omni is model number 21A05-1 and I notice that on the HAI website they list a different part 36A05-2. Is this my problem, should I be using the 36A05-2 because the 21A05-1 is only for connecting to my Omni? The 21A05-1 appears to only to have 4 cables being used...Please help, getting very frustrated...

Much Thanks
I'm sorry I can't help with HAI specifically, but I am a bit confused in what you are doing. It sounds like you are having trouble with UPStart seeing your PIM but I don't know what that has to do with the HAI serial boards?

Anyway, usually comm problems turn out to be a bad cable. I believe with the HAI PIM the cable is sold separately. Maybe the cable you are using is not a standard cable? With the PIM plugged in and connected to a pc serial port with the right cable, UPStart should see the PIM. What exactly is the error you are getting, that the PIm can't be found?
Thanks for responding. I purchased an Omni Pro II that came with a PIM, and serial adapter and cable, all from HAI. The instructions in the Omni said that the serial adapter is for connect the Omni to the PIM to control UPB lighting. It also says it can be used for connecting a PC directly to the PIM to used with Upstart. I have not install my Omni and don't want to yet, but I have installed UPB throughout my house and want to program it with Upstart. I am using HAI's PIM and Cable. When everything is connected, I start Upstart and it gives me the message that it cannot detect a PIM. It then brings up a menu asking me to select the COM port. I select the COM port and push connect, it then says it still cannot detect a PIM and asks me if I want to work offline. The only thing I can think of is that the serial adapter that came with the Omni is not the right one for a PC. When I look on the HAI website they say to use UPBâ„¢ PIM to computer cable
HAI Part Number: 36A05-2, but the one the Omni manual says will work is Part Number: 21A05-1.

Any ideas...
I went through the same thing as you and it took me a while to figure it out. the 21A05-1 is used to connect the Omni panel to the PIM directly to control your UPB devices. For connecting the PIM directly to your pc for use with another software like UpStart you need to use the 36A05-2.

I made my own cable for the PC/HAI-PIM and found that both RS232 outgoing discretes from the PC had to be enabled for the PIM to operate in both directions. The PCS spec does not require this so for at least the HAI-PIM that I have it is not UPB spec-compliant. In my cable I wired both DTR and RTS going to the PIM to Pin 4 of the PC connector so I took care of the combatibily problem with the cable. It may be the case that the cable built by HAI also does this or it could also be that they expect the PC software to enable both discretes.
Yep, sorry I didn't see this thread until after you figured it out. HAI has a bunch of different cables and you need to make sure you use the right one. Glad you got it figured out!