HAI Introduces New OmnistatB line of Communicating


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New Orleans, LA – HAI, the leading manufacturer of integrated automation and security products since 1985, has introduced a new line of communicating and programmable thermostats called OmnistatB as part of its award-winning Omni Family product line. It is available for immediate shipment.
The OmnistatB is a communicating thermostat that works with home automation systems to provide precise comfort while a customer is home, and energy savings while the customer is away. It can be programmed like a conventional programmable thermostat, but its communication capabilities give it several benefits:

1. It can adjust based on actual activity (for example; home, asleep, away) without needing any programming at the thermostat.

2. It can be remotely controlled by a cell phone and/or, by the Internet.

3. It gets the time and outdoor temperature automatically, so it’s always set correctly, even after a power failure.

The new OmnistatB line differs from HAI’s previous Omnistat line with a new display backlight that is blue, thin and adjustable: a customer can have it always off, always on, or automatically on for 30 seconds when a key is pressed. This allows a customer to tailor the backlight for a bedroom, hallway or highly lighted area where it is not needed.

Additionally, the new OmnistatBs are Energy Star compliant, meeting the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) guidelines for programmable thermostats. This ensures that the comfort, energy savings and ease of operation standards suggested by the EPA have been incorporated.

All HAI products are sold through its worldwide network of distribution partners and installed by over 1000 trained dealers. For more information on HAI products, please call 800-229-7256 or visit www.homeauto.com.

HAI is a privately held manufacturer of integrated automation and security products for residential and commercial use. Incorporated in 1985, HAI has developed a full line of award-winning automation products, including three different automation controllers, communicating programmable thermostats, and software that allows access and control of an automation system over the Internet.


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