Hai Leviton Omnistat 2 Issues

Two out of three Omnistat 2's that I have replaced due to failure, all Zigbee models, are exhibiting strange behavior. When installed, they all three worked correctly, displaying relative humidty as well as the proximity sensor working correctly. Now for some reason two of them no longer display relative humidy nor will the proximity sensor work, even though they have one. Oddly, the proximity range option no longer appears on two of the thermostats under settings.

My first thought was since these replaced older thermostats and I did a config download, perhaps something was overwritten. If I'm correct though, downloading all settings from PC Access to the HAI Omni panel only affects the panel, and not the thermostats.

I've considered doing a complete reset of each thermostat to see what happens.

Firmware upgrade may be an option but I've heard horror stories about Omnistat firmware upgrades since there are so many varients that seem to be very firmware specific.

Any recommendations?