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Not sure if anyone has heard about this but it sounds very interesting eventhough I don't have a HAI Omni. Seems it will be very easy for everyone.

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HAI New Product for CEDIA

"New Home Control for Windows Media Center is software for Windows Media Centers that allow you to control all of your HAI Omni features from the comfort of an easy chair using a single Media Center remote. It provides an affordable and complete home control system with a familiar and user friendly interface by:

Allowing control of HAI Omni features from the comfort of an easy chair on a TV

Providing UL-listed security, lighting control, temperature control, access to all media, including family photos, music, video, email, and Internet access from a single handheld remote "
it's the same thing HST is working on, but from what I understand, HAI had it a little easier as they hired a microsoft programmer.
If all you want to do is control your Omni, it's ok. But if you want to move beyond that, it's not of much use. You'd be better off using something like CQC, which supports the Omni plus the other stuff, else you can't really build a full automation solution really. Most people would get that software, hook it up, say "Hey, this is automation stuff is cool, I want to control my A/V components now." And they'd be sadly disappointed since you can't control any A/V components.

I've been bugging those guys to pick up something like CQC as a more full featured solution and provide it in a package with the Omni, but they've not taken me up on it. They have to realize it's a very limited solution, and they also have to realize what it would take for them to build their own open ended solution.