HAI now integrates with EDT's i-LiNE


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Electronic Design Technology (EDT)'s i-LiNE lighting control products have been designed for ease of installation, simplicity in programming, speed of configuration, and reliable operation, all at an affordable cost.

EDT's other products, such as contact closure ports, permit the control of blinds and the reading of low voltage triggers, such as hard-wired motion detectors, photocells, doorbells, key fobs and limit switches.

EDT provides IR ports so that universal remotes, such as the Home Theater Master remotes or Harmony remotes, can initiate lighting scenes.

The i-LiNE system uses existing AC electrical wiring and pre-wired CAT5e cabling that is daisy chained to each light switch. Each light switch is its own controller so user can manually program scenes and system commands without the use of software, but software is provided if the user prefers to program the system with a PC. A power/network interface module is provided to disburse 12 VDC to the system and to interface the i-LiNE system to other home automation equipment such as HAI controllers.

The i-LiNE system integrates with HAI by means of a serial connection. HAI's automation controllers can be programmed to send serial commands to the i-LiNE system to initiate desired functions.

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