HAI Omni Pro II issue


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Hi all!
We have a HAI Omni Pro II security & automation system that's been up and running for many years.  Our smoke/fire zone has been reporting trouble on the keypad for some time.  We bypassed the zone (zone 10) to pull down the smoke detectors for cleaning.  As soon as we bypassed, the home automation side began a constant and incessant beeping on the touch panel.  We spent hours trying EVERYTHING to restore the zone:  restore specific zone, restore all zones, arm & disarm the alarm, pull power/disconnect the battery.  We've used both the installer code and the user code.  We've tried both the security keypad and the touch panel interface.  Nothing works!  I finally had to disconnect the touch panel to silence the beeping.  The keypad shows the zone as bypassed.
How do we restore the zone???  Anyone have suggestions for us?
Please help!  Thanks!!!
1. suggestion use zone 1 - 4 for smoke detector.
2. we have many way to restore zone. on touch screen, Security -> Zone -> choose zone to restore -> restore/restore all -> enter passcode
Are the smoke detectors reinstalled?

If yes you may have to do a ram wipe to clear the fault.
If not, then you need to change the zone type to the generic one.
The panel still does error detection with the zone bypassed. So if the equipment was removed the panel sees it as a cut wire.
Desert_AIP said:
Are the smoke detectors reinstalled?
Hey Desert_AIP!
Thanks so much for the reply.  They are all installed.  We only took one down before tackling the incessant beeping.
We can't locate in the manual how to wipe the ram, but we found this on another message board:
  1. Press 9.
  2. Enter Installer Code (can find under miscellaneous settings – installer code).
  3. Press #.
  4. Press 6.
  5. Scroll down to “Reset System RAM.” – DO NOT CHOOSE “Reset System EEPROM” – DO  NOT CHOOSE “Reset System EEPROM”
  6. Press 1.
  7. Press #.
Does this look like the correct sequence?
If you do reset the EEPROM you have to reprogram the system, so don't do that except in a dire situation.
I've only used it once.
IIRC you may have to reset the clock and date after wiping the RAM.