HAI Omni Pro II vs Stand Alone Alarm.. (Anyone with HAI and Nuvo?)


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So I am building a home and trying to figure out what I want to incorporate into it.. I know I want music and I plan on having the house fully hardwired for an alarm.. I was looking at the Leviton/ HAI Omni Pro II for security and then combining the Nuvo Grand Concerto audio.. I was originally going to go with the Legrand Unity system which is still an option.. The one big downfall that I am coming around to is that the keypads have no display.. You can pick the source but there is nothing to display what station/track/etc that you are on.. The keypads on the Legrand system are sleek looking but I just feel that having the display with the Nuvo system will pay off.. So by looking outside of the Legrand Unity system I came upon the Omni Pro II.. This will give me everything the Unity system was offering plus a bunch of extras.. I was just wondering how good of a system it is, in terms of the security/alarm functionality.. I was originally going to go with a DSC Power Series system with all the bells and whistles but looking into this now as I am planning on lighting controls down the road and woud like one system..
On a side note.. I was wondering if any guys on here have the HAI OmniPro II with the Nuvo sound system and how they like the combination..
I don't have the Nuvo but I am exploring it for a new house.  I can't comment much on that, but i will comment on the OMNI vs. a stand-alone system like the DSC.  There is a big difference, but it really depends what you want to do and how much you can spend. The DCS is a basic alarm that offers a few options, but at its heart, its just that, an alarm panel with a few options. The OMNI is a home controller that could be the base of many extra systems, should you add them.  Yes it is an alarm like the DSC, but it can also run programs that combine data from various sensors.  When you turn off the alarm it can turn on music, and if the room is dark, it can control your lights.  But it can also run pretty involved programming that can control your home HVAC unit(s), music, lights, pool, door locks, etc. Lets say you want a light to go on when you walk in a room and the motion detector detects you, but only if its dark outside, and only when the blinds are closed and not when someone is sleeping in bed.  The OMNI can do that, the DSC can't.
I have an HAI Omni Pro II and had the NuVo grand concerto and expander connected. My wife did not like the keypads so I ended up tearing out the NuVo system and moved to an Elan g! system. Everything is now controlled via iOS devices and I don't have a huge 2 gang keypad hanging on the wall. While the HAI/NuVo system was in place it worked great. Control was smooth, using Haiku, and I had very little issues. I would personally go Sonos. Homerun each speaker to your demarc and throw in some amps and or connects and you are good to go.