HAI OmniproII Outputs not working.


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All my outputs, 1 thru 7 switch from 0 to 13.8 v when I trigger them. 8 is in use for my Omnistat. As soon as I load the output with my reversal relay (30ma measured) the board throws a fault. I also see that my EXT horn output is stuck at 10 v and one more thing to note is that my Omnistat is stuck at 18 F Heat and -39 f cool in PC access. All other aspects to the Omnistat are correct however. Temp and humidity read correctly. I would have thought that resetting the board would fix the issue but it is likely something is fried on the main board. The all zone inputs are working correctly. Nothing oviously fried. Any thoughts?


Try disconnecting power (battery and AC transformer) for a few minutes and see if it comes back to working normally.