HAI Omnitouch 57e buttons not activating lights


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I have a HAI Omnitouch 57e. I had to change the battery, and after I did, the Omnitouch touchscreen is no longer activating the lights. I pressed the two top corners of the screen and got into the config area, and the test shows connection is successful. But when I go back to the Main Menu and push the button for living room pots, the lights dont turn on. Any suggestions on why there is a loss of communication? (I can turn on the lights with my PC with PIM-U)
Also, where can I get the HAI Automation Studio (1126) software?
Thank you in advance


I had to change the battery
What battery?
Push the reset button on the Omnitouch 5.7e.  It should download the configuration of your panel then your buttons should work fine.


The Omnitouch 5.7e is very slow and while you can utilize new graphics and buttons refresh will be really slow if you modify it.
I would leave it alone.


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Hello Pete

Thank for you answering, and your thoughts.

The battery I changed provided power to the OmniPro II motherboard. A 12V 5ah battery.

I did push the reset button on the keypads, and they reset just fine (I have three), but the buttons still dont control the lights. I also got to the setup mode (placing fingers at the two upper corners) and I see that its connected to the controller.

Do you thinking need the Hai Automation Studio software? And if so, any suggestions where to get it?

There is also a cable coming from the motherboard that is suppose to connect to the touchscreens but thats always been disconnected.

Any other suggestions? Thank you again in advance.



There is a tab on the configuration to adjust the touchscreen.  Its a four point adjustment.  Do the calibration.  Then try to touch / turn on your lights.
The motherboard to touchscreen cable was probably used for the old Omnitouch 5.7 screen which was 4 wires.  The wall opening is the same size for the Omnitouch 5.7e.  
The battery is a back up battery for the alarm panel in case the power goes out to the panel.  I replace mine every 3-4 years.  It should not affect the touchscreen.
Using the touchscreen designer will not fix your issues.  


BTW what technology are you using for your lights?
X10 (TW-523), UPB (HAI UPB PIM) or ZWave (VRCop) or Zigbee ZIM.
Have you validated transport from the above mentioned PIMs to the devices you are controlling?
You can do that with PC Access running on a Windows computer.
It could be that your OmniPro panel is not communicating with the devices in question rather than a touch issue.
Transport is like this:
Omni Pro console (serial keypad, Omnitouch 5.7 or network connected Omnitouch 5.7e) or PCA or Snaplink ===>
OmniPro panel ===>
PIM ==>
light switches
Powerline noise can degrade the X10 or UPB signal.  
Wireless propagation (connectivity) can degrade the ZWave or Zigbee signals.


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Thanks again, Pete, for describing what those components do.

Im using the UPB (HAI UPB PIM).

I have not validated transport from my UPB. Im guessing that I need to re-validate the transport?

If so, when you say to use PC Access, is that a separate computer program that I need to download? I am able to control my lighting with my PIM-U attached to my PC computer. Can the UPSTART program and PIM-U do this from my PC?

Interestingly, when I push on the buttons on the Omnitouch, I see a red light blink on the OmniPro panel (which coincides when each time I press a button). and since my PIM-U is able to control the lights via my computer, Im thinking that the transport is lost between the OmniPro panel and PIM?


Initially you mentioned that the Omnitouch screen could not control any of your UPB light switches? 
That could be indicative of a bad HAI UPB Pim or a great deal of powerline noise. 
Do you have the flat cable with an RS-232 end on it to be able to test your currently connected to the OmniPro panel HAI PIM with a computer?  Thinking that HAI originally sold an RJ-XX to RS-232 module to use.  
Do some Upstart diagnostics for noise and signal strength from the PIM-U and all of your UPB devices.  Ideally use the same outlet that you have your OmniPro panel UPB PIM plugged in to.
Do you have a UPB phase coupler or UPB repeater in your fuse panel?
Powerline noise can degrade signal strength.  
Not sure about the red light blink.  The panel only speaks serially to the PIMs (X10, UPB, VRCop and Zigbee ZIM).
PCA for dealers is a program used to configure the OmniPro Panel.  You can use the status tab to manually turn on and off your UPB devices.  It will not show signals or noise like Upstart.  
You can download it here.  Read the instructions before configuring and using it.
PC Access for Dealers
Install it on any Windows PC


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Thanks Pete, for the Link and download!

To answer your questions:
- I do have a flat grey cable but I contains a RJ-12 on each end, which is currently connecting the HAI PIM to the Omni Pro panel.
- Upstart shows little to no noise and fairly good signal strength from the PIM-U to all my devices
- I do not have a UPB Phase coupler or UPB repeater

Since my PC computer is fairly new, it doesnt have a RS-232. Can I assume that I can purchase a USB to RJ-12 cable and plug the cable to any one of the serial ports on the Omni Pro panel in order to use PC Access?

Can I test whether I have a bad HAI PIM by connecting it to my PC using the same USB to RJ-12 cable? Using the UPStart program?


I assume that I can purchase a USB to RJ-12 cable and plug the cable to any one of the serial ports on the Omni Pro panel in order to use PC Access?
It would be a USB to RS-232 to RJ-12 cable.
I use USB to RS-232 cables here all of the time.  Currently still using serial port on my OmniPro 2.
Can I test whether I have a bad HAI PIM by connecting it to my PC using the same USB to RJ-12 cable? Using the UPStart program?
Yes with an RJ-12 to RS-232 cable.  I would purchase another HAI / Leviton OmniPro style UPB PIM to have a hot spare anyhow.