HAI Omnitouch Update Problem

I tested the calibration thing this morning with one of the Omnitouch 5.7 serially connected touchscreens.  Its been a while.  I just took the cover off and pushed the reset button.  I took pictures and have attached them.
1 - reset the touchscreen with the little button underneath the screen
2 - you will see the initial boot up screen.  You have to be fast.  I used a pencil eraser tip instead of my finger for the pictures.
3 - press the little house as soon as you see it - be quick about it.
4 - you should then see the calibration screen.
5 - follow the instructions you see relating to touching the little cross hairs.
6 - when you are done it will go back to connecting to the controller and your main screen.


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This helped all these years later when I tried to update and found it did not like my 16GB thumb drive. Glad I had some old ones lying around. Thanks.
I have had the screen calibration slip once in 6 years. It is usually caused by an impatient user (cleaners, wife etc.) tapping the screen continuously because nothing seems to be happening. On the rather elderly technology used in the Omnitouch 5.7 the screen buffers just overrun and the screen stops responding by setting the calibration to Zero. It looks like the screen is frozen but it is not (usually).
What to do?
Reset the calibration: Remove the front plate (gently) and pushing in the white reset button at the bottom of the installation. Press the reset button briefly (just touch it) and then quickly press the bottom right hand corner of the screen for 3 seconds. The screen should go into calibration mode.
As soon as you see the crosshairs in the circle appear touch the middle of the cross hairs. This is important. If you wait the calibration will not wait for you. Now a new calibration point will appear: touch the centre of the cross hairs and continue doing this until the process is finished - five touches. Middle, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right.
Your unit should now go into normal operating mode. If it does not then recalibrate again.
I have to stress that when you use this screen it is easy to overrun the buffers, so tap it and wait at least a second before tapping again. You can turn on the screen clicks which is for some reason sound before the screen actually reacts and are a good way of checking that something is happening. In Setup there is a clean screen function you might want to use.
If you have not updated your installation firmware then take this opportunity to do so. It is easy and helpful. Get the firmware and the firmware installer from Levitron. They are free. Put them on a USB stick, put the stick in the installation and follow the onscreen instructions. A version 3 installer will require an extra reset before it installs the new firmware. Unfortunately Levitron have chosen not to list the firmware improvements.
Hope that works for anyone having problems with non-responsive or frozen screens.
I know this is an old thread. But it got me thinking.
I had a 5.7e sitting around that I had not been using it for a couple of years. So I upgraded to the latest version I had.
Has been running all day.

Version: HAI_OT57E_V30013_EN.