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I found a source on eBay selling new Essex Electronics K1-34S-HAI keypads which happens to be the HAI 54A00 outdoor keypad.
I bought one and hooked it up to an OmniPro 2 and it works great. There are a couple gotchas but easy enough to resolve.
The Good... The keypad comes configured for use on an Omni. It even includes the Leviton stickers to cover the mounting holes.
The Gotchas... Installation instructions are not included. They are easy to find on the internet.
The cable (54A02-1) from the keypad pigtail to the Omni is not included. Easy enough to make as its just a straight thru 4 wire cable.
For some reason, I could not get the red / green leds to sequence properly until I added a small relay. Once I did that, the leds work as described in the install instructions.
If anyone is interested, search eBay for

Essex Electronics K1 34S HAI Stainless Steel Access Control Keypad

They are $24.99 for 1 and $16.24 each if you buy 4. This is a $250+ keypad if you look anywhere else. I have no connection to the seller.
If you need details about hooking it up, please let me know.
I assume it should work with an Elk as well, but I haven't tried that yet.

By the way, If you look closely in the movie "Olympus has Fallen" you can see Gerard Butler use the keypad at 43:14 minutes in.
Thank you @dwait. Purchased one.

Can you explain the update with the small relay please?
The install instructions say to connect the green wire of the 54a02-1 cable spliced to the brown keypad pigtail to an output. I could not get that to work as the led state defaults to red. It only goes green when you ground the brown pigtail wire. So I connected an elk 912B relay to output 1. then I connected the brown pigtail to COM on the relay and ground to N/C on the relay. Now the red and green leds work as described in the install instructions.
I always wanted one of these for my system, but at over $200 (for a $30 part) I never pulled the trigger. Thanks for the heads up. Got one on the way.
Searching the HAI knowledge base, I found the reason for the led behavior:

Why does the 54A00-1 Access Keypad LED remain red all the time?

Question:After correctly wiring and setting up the 54A00-1 Access Keypad, why does the red LED remain on all the time, even when system is disarmed?

Answer:The most likely cause is substituting a 4-conductor cable for the cable shipped with the keypad. This causes the green conductor to constantly supply between 5-6 VDC, even when connected to the output. The cable supplied by Leviton has a diode embedded on the green conductor that drains the voltage when connected to the output, thereby allowing the LED to change from red to green when the output is off.

So, the HAI cable has a diode and resistor in it. I think the relay solution is easier than finding the proper diode....YMMV

I'll attach the wiring diagram from the HAI knowledge base which shows the diode and resistor values.


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Thank you Don. Yeah here still have a soldering work station configured in the basement such that would probably add the diode and resistor.

Wish Radio Shacks were still around.