HAI to demonstrate products at the 2005 IBS


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HAI to Demonstrate Award-Winning Products at 2005 NextGen Safe and Sound Home at International Builders Show

HAI, the leading manufacturer of integrated automation and security products since 1985, is providing its award-winning Home Control for Windows Media Center (WMC), HAI Lighting Control products, and Omni integrated automation and security controller as part of the 2005 NextGen Safe and Sound Home during the International Builders Show to be held in Orlando, Florida January 13 – 16, 2005.

The home, located on site at the 2005 IBS, in the parking lot of the Orlando Convention Center, just outside the West entrance is also the official show home of the Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) TechHome division.

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HAI will be providing its award-winning Omni Family of integrated security and home automation products, which will coordinate the security, temperature, and lighting. The system may be accessed and controlled from a telephone or via the Internet, including outbound telephone calls or emails from the system based on a programmed event, such as the kids have arrived home from school or the security alarm has been activated.

Additionally HAI will be showcasing several new products, including the award-winning Home Control for WMC software which allows control of all HAI Omni controller features from the comfort of an easy chair using a single media center remote. It provides an affordable and complete home control system including security, lighting and temperature control, access to all media, family photos, music, video, email, and Internet access from a single handheld remote.

Also in the home, HAI will be demonstrating its new Lighting Control products called HLC. All of the HLC products utilize UPB, a digital communications standard for lighting and home control that ensures superior reliability. HLC makes lighting control more affordable by offering a modular system that is cost effective in any size application, and by using standard electrical wiring.

To download a high res digital image of HAI’s HLC Lighting Control products, please click on this link: http://www.homeauto.com/_SiteElements/imag...b_GroupShot.jpg