Hai/Zantech Newbie tossed into the Fire


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Hi All,

As I said in the title I am a HAI / Zantech newbie and have been asked by my boss to look at his whole house system. It is a large install (every room and outdoor). Here is what i do know of the system.

Zantech AV controls inwall of every room and also on patio and deck. HAI security and home automation for lighting and HVAC (and a couple other things).

Pronto IR remotes for controlling everything.

The entire system takes up a 19" rack from floor to ceiling. None of the wiring is labeled.

I am looking for help in programming the pronto's and the zantech and documenting the entire system and configuring the weblink interface for the HAI system.

I don't have any of the original disks for any of the equipment. The oringal installer has went AWOL with all documentation and software.

I don't really know where to go from here or where to even start.

Thanks Skywalker107
How is the Xantech and HAI stuff hooked together? HAI doesn't directly support Xantech and doesn't do IR (I don't think).