HAL 3.0


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Laurel, MD August 24, 2004 - Home Automated Living (HAL), the international leader in home control software, delivers expanded interfaces, additional features and more flexibility with the newest release of HAL's award winning software. Version 3.0 provides more ways to customize your home control experience by giving you the flexibility to write your own drivers using our HALi software.

The HALi is an ActiveX control interface that will empower the developer community to create custom applications for HAL software products. This new feature equips our users with a tool to add support for specific interfaces and provide a two-way communication with custom hardware. In addition, we have included a plug-in for Cinemar MainLobby! Cinemar is an attractive user interface you create from provided skins and a massive graphics Library to launch your favorite programs, run batch files, start music, play movies, control your home theater and more. The plug-in will allow users to create fantastic looking interfaces using MainLobby, while leveraging HAL's powerful home control capabilities.

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