HAL Releases Version 3.0 with HALi Included!


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Straight from the HAL messege boards:
Automatedliving said:
Laurel, MD August 24, 2004 - Home Automated Living (HAL), the international leader in home control software, delivers expanded interfaces, additional features and more flexibility with the newest release of HAL's award winning software. Version 3.0 provides more ways to customize your home control experience by giving you the flexibility to write your own drivers using our HALi software.

The HALi is an ActiveX control interface that will empower the developer community to create custom applications for HAL software products. This new feature equips our users with a tool to add support for specific interfaces and provide a two-way communication with custom hardware. In addition, we have included a plug-in for Cinemar MainLobby! Cinemar is an attractive user interface you create from provided skins and a massive graphics Library to launch your favorite programs, run batch files, start music, play movies, control your home theater and more. The plug-in will allow users to create fantastic looking interfaces using MainLobby, while leveraging HAL's powerful home control capabilities.

Advanced users and professional installers will find substantially more horsepower in HAL Version 3.0. These users will be able to employ their own custom programs to enable HAL to report specialized Internet information on demand. This feature could allow a family to ask HAL to read that day's school lunch menu or to tell them what's playing at the local movie theatre! This feature empowers sophisticated users to have HAL report any information that their own programming resources can provide.

Our Internet access has also been expanded! We now support additional browsers, such as Netscape and Mozilla, for use with our HAL HomeNet application. We are also adding support for PocketPC 2003 so you can put those PDA devices to additional use and control your home from the comfort of your easy chair.

HAL software and hardware products give users the ability to control their homes - by voice - from anywhere. Users may speak to any microphone connected to the PC or to any phone anywhere to control lights, devices, appliances, thermostats, home theatre, security, telephone and Internet with normal, conversational speech. HAL's speech interface is interactive. HAL confirms user commands and retrieves Internet information on demand. Users may call the home from anywhere and tell HAL to read new E-mail messages or to turn on the front door lights and adjust the thermostat, etc.

HAL's telephone management features including Call Intercept and Call Elimination, give users the ability to block any and all unwanted phone calls - including those annoying dinner-time calls from telemarketers. HAL goes much further than single feature plug-in call-blocking products. HAL will play a tone that tricks telemarketers into thinking your line has been disconnected so the telemarketers will remove your number from their call lists. HAL goes further, adding intelligence to enable users to route anonymous or other Caller ID blocked calls to a separate voice mailbox informing them that unidentified callers are invited to leave a message. In addition, the user may create a "blocked caller" list if there are calls you simply don't want to receive and HAL will disconnect the call.

These features supplement HAL's already robust telephone management system including up to ten voice mailboxes, a phone directory and voice dialing - you may pick up any phone in your home and tell HAL to call any person or business in your directory. HAL will announce who is calling when the phone rings so you don't have to go to your phone to read the Caller ID. You may now customize the Caller ID announcement for specific incoming calls or customize the answering machine greeting heard by specific incoming callers based on Caller ID. HAL will also log all of the incoming and outgoing phone calls to and from your home. Most of these HAL

BTW: I think the rest of their messege got cut off.
Yes I use HAL2000. I think the program is awesome and with the release of HALi the skys the limit. They have a 30 day trial if you want to see what its like.