HAL_MAN's Smart Home


Real name: Shawn Walsh
Location: Kansas City, MO

PC's :

Automation/Multimedia Server: Running XP Media Center Edition 2005
3.2 Ghz P4 W/ 1.5 Gig Ram, 1 TB of Raid 5 sata Storage. Dual DVDRW, Dual DVR, HAL PCI Voice Portal.

In-wall mounted PC's: Running XP Pro
2x 866Mhz P3, W/512 MB RAM, 20 GB Hard Drives. Connected to in wall mounted 15 Elo Touch screens. USB 2.0 Tv Wonder adapters.

Den PC: Running XP Pro
2.0 Ghz W/512 MB Ram, 80 GB Hard Drive.
Portable Touchscreens: 2x V110 Airpanels.

My Laptop: XP Pro
2.0 Ghz, W/1GB Ram, 40 GB HD

My Wifes Laptop: XP Home
750 Mhz W/256 MB Ram, 20 GB Hard Drive

Hardware User Interfaces:

GUI Interface Via Mainlobby on any PC/Touchscreen in the house
Voice Control via open air mic system, or any interior or external phone.
Via any web browser in the world (except AOL that is)
Via IR input to the ocelot.

Automation Hardware:

Ocelot +2x RLY8X, +2xSECU16
IR Distributed via Xanotech coax distribution.
SHURE SCM810 Mixer for open Air Mic system
2x PZM-11LL and 3x PZM-10LL Mics.
CADDX NX8e Security Panel
RCS TX16B Thermostat
Smart home 1132 USB, Simply Automated UPB, and Zwave Controllers
V572 Whole house transceiver
2x NC1000 wired Network Cameras
1x Wide eye X10 CAM
Various X10, Zwave and UPB Modules and Switches
2x Sure action pulsar joist sensors
Many hardwired and X10 motion sensors
3x Add a motor for Blinds and drapery control
Other Hardware:

Elk PD9 Power Distribution Module
Channel Vision CAT6 Dist Module
Channel Vision 42†Structured wiring cabinet
Channel Vision telephone distribution
Channel Vision cable/RF amplifier
Channel Vision 2x 8-way coaxial splitters
Channel Vision E1200 Modulator for modulating Satellite Signal
Linksys 8-port Gigabit Switch
Linksys PreN WRT54GX Wireless Router

A/V Hardware:

Pioneer Elite VSX-54TXi THX A/V Receiver
Pioneer Elite DV-47 DVD/SACD/CD Player
Pioneer Laser Disc Player
Scientific Atlanta HD-DVR Cable Box
KEF KHT6000 7.1 Surround sound speaker system
42in HDT50 Hitachi Plasma TV
65in Widescreen Hitachi HDTV (Rear Projection) TV
4x pair Polk Audio in-wall speakers
Pioneer 605 Receiver to power whole house Audio system
Speaker selector


Entire Cinemar Main Lobby Suite
Zoom DVD Player
Jriver media center

Some Applications:

Garage Door Monitoring and auto closing .
Doorbell activates front door cam on all tv’s on in the house for 20 Sec.
The house automatically adjust house mode based on current occupancy.
Announce all caller id, important reminders, and daily scheduled announcements over dist Audio system.
Full access to my entire music collection via voice.
New snail mail arrived notification via voice and on all main lobby screens.
Access to my entire DVD collection on any TV or computer in the house.
Full motioned based lighting based on time of day and house mode.
And much, much, more. *
*Damn I waste a lot of time on this hobby (obsession I mean)

nice setup! Could you post some pictures of your panel, I am still wiring mine (Channel Vision as well), and could use more ideas/tips! Thanks!
This sounds like an amazing setup. I only wish I had the time and creativity to come up with some of the things that are being done here.