I got a $20 wal-mart fogger... its actually really nice. Its more like a smoker than a fogger but its non toxic. It says right on it that it is recomended for indoor use so you can fog up the entire house till you cant see anymore and not have to worry about killing yourself. I know this for a fact cause i did it as soon as i brought it home. I also got a little blue skull that strobes and a red strob for about $10 each at walmart. I also saw th same stuff at target.

I bought a bag of the fake spider web stuff and two sets of pumpkin lights. I also bought the animated skull walking stick and leaned that up against the porch. I put the Red strobe in the house right behind the couch and infront of the window. It makes it look like the house is on fire from the outside. Pretty cool!.

I never decorated for holloween but i think im starting to like it.