Happy Birthday TechTooth!


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25? I thought you were older than that considering you were travelling the world ;) Have a good one!
cool toys! Let me know how that SoundBug works, I have been looking at those for a while.
The SoundBug works OK but the volume is very low and the sound quality is far from great, seems to depend on what song is being played (not bad at all with "No woman no cry", disapointing with "Mr Tambourine man"). I only have 1 tho, so can only get mono. I might have to get another as this will also help with the volume.

The best thing about it is the portability, it is 4 x 2 x 1.5", so I can put it in my laptop bag when travelling. It doesn't sound great, but it beats many PC speakers which are double the size (a lot less tinny).

I won't be using it often, as I'm too fussy about sound quality ;) , but it is a fun toy!