Happy Birthday TreeTop!


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It looks like Treetop does age :D Happy Birthday, but since it's Sunday, I assume you are getting breakfast served in bed and have other great plans instead of browsing the CocoonTech forums ;)


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Thanks guys.

Pretty uneventful day.. Hit the beach this morning, and downtown for lunch. Just got back home and about to turn around and head out for dinner.

Got some good stuff, but nothing HA related ;)

Guess she wanted to spend time with me today, instead of watching me play on the computer :D


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Good Times Ahead!

Just as I was thinking that the day was low key... welp.. not so much.

Went out to eat at Meritage (a place for tapas and drinks)...
Walk in... and theres a group of my friends waiting (some say too long) for us to show up...

Needless to say, I was designated passenger tonight ;)

and Guy, if you promise not to tell... I got thirty-one marks on the scoreboard. :D



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Missed this one yesterday, but happy belated birthday from the soggy NW Treetop. Sounds like you had a blast.


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I missed it first time around, TT, but glad you had a good evening! A belated but Happy Birthday!