Happy New Year!


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Feliz Año Nuevo
Nouvelle Année Heureuse
Glückliches Neues Jahr
С Новым годом
Nuovo Anno Felice
Ano Novo Feliz
Καλή χρονιά
Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar

I apologize if I missed any of my International friends. I joined CT in mid 2005 and have learned from and enjoyed this site (and chat room) more than any other. A special thank you to the CT staff, especially Electron for always being there and his countless hours of building and supporting the site and helping others. This forum is filled with intelligent, witty and friendly people. The vendor participation is awesome. I nominate Automated Outlet and Martin as the 'Distributor of the year' for 2005. I also nominate Elk and the M1/EZ8 line as the 'Product of the year'. I look forward to CT2 and a great 2006. May 2006 bring you all your dreams, health, happiness and success. God Bless.
Yes, Happy New Year to all of our members. Also, agree about the Automated Outlet and Elk M1 nominations as well!

Wishing everyone the best of good fortune and health for 2006! May your automation systems run reliably with the highest WAF rating obtainable! ;)
Steve said:
Nouvelle Année Heureuse
Actually, thats "Bonne et Heureuse Année" but the spirit of the intent was just fine!

Have a good one everyone! May your HA and other hobbies keep the fun alive in your lives...and may the WAF go through the roof!

Yes, I want to thank Electron and BSR for the work they put in this site, Martin at AO for his excellent business attitude and helpfulness, as well as David Steele at Elk for the same helpfulness and participation in discussions and technical support. Also thanks to all the other regulars for their participation and sharing...this is a wonderful hobby as much for the people as for the toys themselves.

And to top it off, it looks like my RCS module project is *finally* thoroughly debugged and working just great...just in time for 2006!

;) :) :)
One note that I would like to make. I would like to thank Guy Lavoie for his helpfullness and dedication to our hobby! This forum would not be the same without him.

I would like to nominate Guy Lavoie as Cocooner of the year! He has helped so many people with his knowledge and always has a cheerfull aproach to solving problems!

Actually I noticed a LOT of Cocooners who could be awarded this honor! One thing I must say about this site is there is NO shortage of people who are willing to help others. Everyone is willing to help solve problems. This is what our forum is all about! Everyone has an expertise in something that they are kind enough to share here! ;)

Hopefully this helpfull and friendly attitude will become even stronger in 2006 with all of our new members who recently became Cocooners!


I second the nominations for Martin (will do anything to resolve a problem if one occurs - which is rare), Elk (even though I don't have one, Spanky is always here), and for Guy (was so glad when he also joined this board)

And to add a new catagory, BEST HOME AUTOMATION SITE EVER ...........

and the nominee is.............. CocoonTech ;)

Thanks electron, BSR and staff, and to ALL the others that have been so helpful to me over the last two years.

Happy New to ALL !!!!