Hard wired lighting that can be phased into HA


I have seen posts from two members, pkarakis and mbally, that have the www.edt.biz i-line switches. Any input on using these would be appreciated.

Here are my thoughts...

Will be breaking ground on new house in April. Would like to have fully automated, high-geek factor, fun hobby HA house down the line--phased in. We will be wiring like crazy with data/coax. Don't want to pay major $$$ for Vantage, etc., but want a hard-wired solution. I would have a hard time convincing hubby to up the loan amount to build in full automation with the homerun electrical, but adding a room here and there as time and money allows would go over well as long as it's 100% reliable (i.e. wired).

Also, builder has a great data wire guy that can help, but the electrical needs to be pretty much traditional or we pay big time. Another count against the Homerun electrical wired systems.

I'm thinking if we go with the traditional electrical plus cat5e daisy-chain to switches I can use regular switches then swap out for i-line switches as money/time allows (~$100 per switch ouch).

My questions...

Do all of these use the homerun electrical with low-volt switches/keypads: CentraLite, LiteTouch, Vantage, Lutron?

Are there any other vendors of switches like the i-line that use traditional electrical plus cat5 homerun or daisy-chained? How does the i-line wiring work with both high-volt and cat 5 in same box?

I registered on the i-line site to get access to the documentation, but it states over and over that must be an i-line dealer to program/install. Did you guys do the i-line yourself? or go through a dealer? Anyone here a distributor?
Greyfox-OnQ also runs Cat5 to the switches.

EDT and OnQ are supported by the M1 using the M1XSP serial port expander.
Clipsal CBUS also uses cat5 to switches......CBUS is an Oz lighting system....

Coming to the states soon ...snippet of a post from the CQC Forum...


I have been unofficially told that Clipsal will be launching C-Bus into the US market in Florida in July.

If any of you are looking to add lighting (and lots of other stuff like multi zone audio) to your system, you can check them out at


Just was searching on the onQ site then read these replies. Can you tell me if the onQ switches are daisy-chain cat5 or homerun cat5? thanks.