Hardwire Solutions



My house is built in such a way that a hardwire solution for lighting control (i.e. fishing wire) isn't out of the question.

Aside from reliability, is there other advantages of going hardwired (price)? I've done some searching and I'm having a hard time finding reasonably priced "hardwired" vendors. Actually, I'm having a hard time finding vendors, period. It seems wireless is taking over the world. :D

I'm planning on using an Elk M1 as the control interface.

If I don't go hardwired, I'm likely going to move forward with UPB.

I have the Centralite LiteJet, which is competively priced. The cost comes pretty close on a per switch basis to the cost of power line switches. A base package for 24 loads and enough of the various switch panels for 46 buttons is under $2K.

And yes, it is 100% reliable and fast.

If you need more than 24 loads, you can add another 24 loads, or you can send commands through the Centralite to UPB relays.

I control mine with the Elk, and have just started exploring CQC as a user interface.