Harmony 880 - $169

Thanks for the heads up. I think I just found a lower price, after free shipping and no tax, from a better rated vendor, B&H photo. Here's a pricegrabber comparison factoring in my zip code

I ALSO noticed the $50 "Tivo users" harmony rebate and printed it out from here. I don't know if the rebate is going to work, as I don't have TiVo ... but do "use" it whenever I visit a friend who has it ;-)...but I don't see any such requirement as proving TiVo subscription on the rebate form.

Anyway, if all goes well, I may get an 880 for NET $109.90! Even if something goes wrong with the rebate it seems quite a deal since I salivated over this at a much higher price only a month or so ago. Thanks for the heads up. I wonder if the 880 is being phased out by a newer model or something?
The 890 came out but that is around $400. I would guess they are, I have one and had a bad button after a few months. I had no issue at all getting a new one (they didn't even ask for a credit card to secure it). In fact I did not have to prove where/when I bought it (of course it only came out recently so it is not possible to have one that is not covered by warranty I don't think).

I have found the charging base could use an adjustment (it doesn't always sit right (meaning doesnt always start charging)).

Could just be great customer service (on the exchange, rather than them knowing of an issue affecting first gen units), but usually they want to close out existing stock in preparation for a new model (for the rebate).

I am going to bet on the '885' coming out soon.

I am trying to get to the point of using a touch screen tablet or the like, but that will cost much more than this, and take much more effort than one of these.

My wife loved it though, if that helps...