Harmony 880 Remote - $149


Dell Home has the Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote $249 - $100 off Code: Z0FV5PFFK5JQS7 Exp 9/1 4pm or 2000 uses = $149 shipped free.

I have the 890 and like it.. not sure of the differences..
DeLicious is correct, the 880 is IR. It can be annoying as startup macros can take 20 seconds or so (I tell my wife to point it at the TV and put it on the coffee table until it is done. Of course the 890 is much more expensive as well.

Easy to program and very usable other than that.

I'm heading towards trying the 3400 route with CQC but am a bit far from that at the moment.
I have the 890 and yes it does have RF - at somepoint it is supposed to support z-wave, but I don't think the "firmware" supports that yet...