Harmony 890 Pro vs. Philips RC9800i


Which do you think is better? I love the z wave feature on the harmony remote, but the philips seems like it can do more than the Harmony. I was reading that the philips can use its integrated wifi to grap files off a computer. Does this mean I could potentially control lighting by getting into the file on my computer or can the philips only grap music files? Thanks.
The phillips seems to have more capabilities because of the wifi link. I remember looking at it when it was announced and forgot about it until now.

If it has that wifi link, it could be a friend to HA, as you can have your controller act on commands that might otherwise be more difficult to handle in a remote. Since it can be two-way (it seems at least) results might be able to be shuttled to the remote as well. All speculation of course, but even the music selection alone was a nice feature. Unless you can get a full featured touch screen for the same price they may have a new spin on this.