Has anyone ever used Belden Nanoskew UTP Cables?


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I am planning on wiring a decent amount of video feeds ofer UTP cables, and am trying to nail down the best possible cable to use for video over Cat5 application.

I used Belden a lot at work, and found this product in their catalog:


Has anyone ever used this type of Belden UTP cable for video, or have you used any other low-skew UTP for video?

The concept makes a lot of sense, as the 4 pair in a UPT cable twist at different rates, thereby making the pairs different lengths within the same UTP cable.

They make a video only Nanoskew (pn: 7987) which is not rated for data transmissions. This type has the lowest skew on the market for UTP. They also make a very low skew Cat 5 Nanoskew product (pn: 7988) which can support data transmissions. It has the lowest skew of any Cat5 product on the market, but not as low as their video only product.

FWIW, I also plan on pulling multiple Cat5e cables to each of the locations that I will be installing video.
I say why not! It just depends on the cost increase, do you use active baluns?

I'll be using a number of things; passive baluns for composite video, and active baluns for HD video. I might also use a Russound VM-1 if it works into my plan.