Has anyone tried the new Air Hogs Havoc Heli yet?

Dan, I'm wrong. Although mine looks almost the same, it's foam, not composite.
Yeah, I'll get to those coffee stains :lol:


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Well, the video says ".. made from the latest high impact composites...". At that point, they squeeze the landing gear / lower fins and they flex. Mine will not.

This is a very small diff, I'm sure.

Go for it. :lol:
We've been playing with two of them. Fun. Can't get a whole lot of forward momentum - basically, if you keep them aimed a given direction, they slowly move forward - but there sure are fun and are pretty tough.
I haven't played with mine for a while but I think if you add one of the included weights to the nose, it should move forward faster.
I haven't done that.
Time to charge her up again :lol:
grrr, now I have to get one :lol: lol I finally lost my Aero Ace this spring, lots of fun, so I am ready for something new.
I saw an article today where one of these scared the public because the pilot lost control of it (battery failure), and no one knew what it was. As far as I know, that thing isn't for sale tho :)
I remember that thread, I love the idea of using blimps for this kind of stuff. I can't wait to hear how much that hyperblimp will cost, it looks like an awesome toy :)